49er Engineers Place Third at NASA Robotic Mining Competition

   July 18, 2018

Congratulations to the Astrobotics Robotic Team (UNCC_ASTR2) on their 3rd Place finish at the 2018 NASA Robotic Mining Competition held at the Kennedy Space Center! Read more about their finish HERE.

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2018 Spring Senior Design Expo

Spring 2018 Senior Design Expo a Success
   May 10, 2018

The Industrial Solutions Lab helped the Senior Design Program host another successful Expo last week on campus in Halton Arena in the Barnhardt Student Activity Center at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Over 60 completed projects were presented by second semester Senior Design students to faculty, staff, and the public. These teams were able to show the work that they have...

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Follow the Industrial Solutions Lab on Social Media

The Industrial Solutions Lab has gone Social!
   May 10, 2018

The Industrial Solutions Lab is now on Twitter and Instagram! Follow Director Jim Hartman as he works to grow UNC Charlotte's Senior Design progam!

Twitter: ISL_Director

Instagram: ISL_Director

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Senior Design Success at Competition

   May 31, 2016
A Senior Design team The project consisted of creating shipment schedules and transportation plans to move used nuclear fuel assemblies (UNFA) from multiple shutdown sites across the United States (at most 12) to a central repository site located in westTexas (Waste Control Specialists, WCS), sponsored by AREVA. The twelve shut down sites evaulated were: Maine Yankee, Yankee Rowe, Connecticut...

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Curtiss Wright Shot Nozzle Design Wins Best Project at Spring Expo

   May 18, 2016
At the Spring Expo held on May 5 the Curtiss Wright Shot Nozzle Design won the best project award. The objective of the Curtiss-Wright Nozzle Design project was to design and manufacture a shot peening apparatus to be used to test shot peening nozzles. Through this testing, data was compiled and synthesized to show the relations of air flow, shot flow, nozzle geometry, loading type, saturation...

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Chiron CNC Machine Automated Plier Clamping System

   May 11, 2016
The Chiron CNC Machine Automated Plier Clamping System team designed a clamping fixture capable of holding multiple plier forgings during multiple CNC milling operations. An associated unloading system to remove the plier forgings once machining operations have been completed was included. The fixture is designed to accommodate four plier forging styles, and will simultaneously clamp four plier...

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2016 Astrobotics - 49er Miners

   May 6, 2016
Check out the YouTube video of the Astrobotics senior design team Autonomous Vehicle as it mines and deposits material on a "foreign planet".

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Revolutionary Wind Turbine Magnetic Gear

   April 19, 2016
One senior design project is the development of a prototype for a revolutionary magnetic gear for a wind turbine. This gear will be particularly useful in off shore environments. The inherent overload protection and non-contact transmission of torque are seen as keen advantages over mechanical gearboxes in applications where the gearbox is installed remotely and would be difficult and/or...

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Senior Design Team Works with Atom Power to Design Revolutionary Circuit Breaker

   January 29, 2016
Atom Power is a local company formed by UNC Charlotte College of Engineering graduate Ryan Kennedy. Atom Power is in the process of developing a revolutionary new digital AC circuit breaker, which will be ready for production in late spring. The digital design will trip the circuit breaker in 700 nanoseconds, 1,000 times quicker than a conventional mechanical circuit breaker, thus making the...

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Structural Team Takes Second Place in Portland

   September 9, 2015
A project supported by CB...

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