UNC Charlotte Partners with Bosch Community Fund and Kaleideum for a Senior Design Project

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

In January 2021, UNC Charlotte’s Industrial Solutions Lab secured another grant from the Bosch Community Fund to work on a Senior Design project. The Bosch Community Fund works within the community to enhance STEM education through various initiatives. The Fund, which was established in 2011, invests up to $5 million a year in over 45 site communities. 

The current project will partner the students with Kaleideum. Founded in 2016, Kaleideum was formed from the merger of SciWorks (a science museum) and The Children's Museum of Winston-Salem and works to inspire wonder, curiosity, and lifelong learning in children within the community through interactive exhibits and discovery. The students who will work with Kaleideum on the project are Carlos Chavez Ramirez, Jonathan Hagar, Austin Hutchens, Isaac Merritt, Joshua Rillo, Sarah Tuttle, and Brendan Welch. They will be mentored by faculty members Wei Gao and Shailendra Suman. The project will work to design and build an interactive physics exhibit that will be displayed in the Physics Works gallery. The student-created exhibit will demonstrate the dissociation between vertical and horizontal motion components for projectiles. 

Thanks to the Bosch Community Fund for their continued support of the Industrial Solutions Lab and the UNC Charlotte Senior Design Program. We are looking forward to seeing the product that the students are able to produce for Kaleideum at the Fall 2021 Senior Design Expo in December!