UNC Charlotte completes project with the Bosch Community Fund

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

In November 2019, the UNC Charlotte Industrial Solutions Lab secured a grant from the Bosch Community Fund to work on a Senior Design Project. The Bosch Community Fund, which was established in 2011, works to enhance STEM education within the community, and invests up to $5 million a year in over 45 site communities to make this happen. 

The project started in the Spring 2020 semester, with UNC Charlotte College of Engineering seniors working with the Discovery Place Science Museum to create an interactive exhibit to be displayed in the museum. The students who worked on the project were Dillon Roey, Lindsey Ward, Jack Spencer, Kyle Marks, and Austin Adkins and were mentored by Mohamad-Ali Hasan, PhD of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. The students were tasked with designing and building as hands-on interactive exhibit to help visitors learn more about the Natural History area of the museum. The students completed the exhibit (pictured) at the end of the Fall 2020 semester, and it has been delivered to the Discovery Place Science museum.

Congratulations to the student team on the successful project, and thanks to the Bosch Community Fund for their support of the Senior Design Program! The Senior Design Program is looking forward to working with the Bosch Community Fund again on a STEM exhibit with Kaleideum Museum beginning in Spring 2021. 



Watch the students explain their work on the DP_EXHIBIT project!