Senior Design Team Presents at Smart Cities Connect Conference

   May 24, 2019

During the Spring 2019 semester, the NVDA_DETEC team was invited to participate in and demo at Smart Cities Connect in Denver, Colorado. Smart Cities Connect is a conference sponsored by the NSF and US Ignite for city leaders and policy makers around the globe to discover new and emerging technologies that facilitate smart and connected environments in their communities.


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49er Rocketry Team Scores Second in NASA Contest

   May 23, 2019

Read about the 49er Rocketry team (USLI_COMP4) and their second place finish in their NASA competition HERE.

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"Apollo" Engineering Team Sponsors UNCC Student Project

   May 21, 2019

Read about the "Apollo" Valves partnership with UNC Charlotte for a Senior Design project HERE.

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UNCC Students Improve CLT Baggage Belt

   May 17, 2019

From the Charlotte Douglas International Airport internal newletter:

UNC Charlotte (UNCC) engineering students have made improvements to CLT’s baggage handling system. In August 2018, CLT participated in UNCC’s Senior Design Program. As part of the program, senior engineering...

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Spring 2019 Senior Design Expo

   May 8, 2019

Read about the Spring 2019 Senior Design Expo HERE.

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Notes of Support and Expo Postponement

   May 3, 2019

Many of you are aware of the tragic events here on campus April 30.  The Industrial Solutions Laboratory offices are next to where the shootings occurred, so this have been a very impactful and sorrowful time for us.  We have been encouraged by the outpouring of support from many of our Industry supporters who have sent us personal notes of condolences.  Our Senior Design Program is unique in...

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49er Rocketry Team (USLI_COMP4) Places High at NASA Event

   April 11, 2019

Read about how the 49er Rocketry Team performed at the NASA Student Launch Competition in Huntsville, AL HERE.

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NASCENT Technology Sponsors UNC Charlotte Senior Design Project

   February 5, 2019

NASCENT Technology has partnered with the UNC Charlotte Senior Design Program for a project beginning in Spring 2019. Read more about the project they have sponsored HERE.

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TE Connectivity Partners with Senior Design to build "The Orange Box"

   February 4, 2019

Automotive test team partners with UNC Charlotte engineering students to build “the orange box”

Over the past year, the Automotive team in Winston-Salem, North Carolina partnered with a team of engineering students from the University of North Carolina (UNC)...

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New $750,000 Grant Will Support Military Veterans' Graduate Studies

   January 10, 2019

Read about the work that Senior Design Academic Chair Jerry Dahlberg has done with veteran students HERE.

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