I just wanted to let everyone know how the UNCC Senior Design program has helped. I work on the engineering team at Wilbert Plastic Services. Every day I get new CAD data, either a brand new project, or a new rev level of an existing part. We make FMEAs, and BOMs. We are starting to integrate MS Project as the standard for project planning across all of Injection Molding Engineering. The SD program really prepared me for the level of expectation that my boss has for me in relation to the mentioned topics.  I used to dislike being so tedious to get a passing grade, but now I’m glad you never lowered your expectations of us.

Trithong Tran, Wilbert Plastics

In the 30 years since I graduated, the Senior Design Program has changed in ways that are consistent with the growth and aesthetic appeal of the college in general. Taking a walk through the “end of year” Expo is more similar to an Advanced Manufacturing Show at the Convention Center than to the “expos” when I was a student. Not only is the technology impressive, students are graduating with teamwork and project management experience which is just as valuable as the technical skills. And it’s a terrific value for industry. The commercial value of the work done by one of the teams we sponsored last year was at least a factor of 10 greater than the project fee.”

David Causey, AREVA

We have hired [the graduate student] as an intern for this summer. He is a part of our current design team and we are happy to have made this partnership with [UNC Charlotte]!​

Lauren Garcia, AECOM (Formerly URS)

This win-win collaboration enables students to work with industry professionals, applying their technical knowledge to solve real-world design problems. This is an outstanding program that gives the engineering students experience that will help them with their ongoing education, as well as with their careers after graduation. This collaboration also provides our DIPP team with valuable information and viewpoints from the perspective of the [UNC Charlotte] team members.

Richard Kouzel, Doosan