Graduate Student Projects

Graduate student projects are very similar to Senior Design projects. Students solve a variety of problems including developing new processes and products or improving existing ones. A graduate project can also focus on pure research and development.

Like Senior Design projects, graduate projects begin in either the fall or spring semester. Unlike Senior Design projects, graduate projects do not have to be team projects. The number of students, as well as the duration, is specific to the needs of the company.

Implementation of graduate projects is similar to that for the Senior Design Program. Employers should start the process by completing the Senior Design Project Request form. The request will first be reviewed by the Senior Design Committee to determine if a highly advanced senior is capable of performing the work. If not, it will be redirected to a graduate student who has the necessary technical expertise. To reflect the more technically involved engineering required of graduate student projects, the industry supporter donation is slighter higher - $10,000 per project.

For additional information regarding supporting a graduate student project, please contact:

Jim Hartman
Director, Industrial Solutions Lab